We provide social and emotional education programs for youth, teachers, and school leaders.

Based on our experience and learning, we have been able to create various programs and projects under our educational model Edumoción (Education + Emotion + Experience).


We believe in socio-emotional development in young people, educators and school leaders for the training of change agents capable of generating positive transformations in their communities.


We research, experiment and share tools on socio-emotional education programs to support this objective.


Be part of the change!


We work with young people enhancing their leadership and other socio-emotional skills and strengthening their citizen skills for their transformation into change agents. We believe in a youth capable of generating innovative solutions and implementing projects that positively impact their community.

Teachers and Directors

We work with teachers promoting the construction of positive learning environments, through training in life skills or 21st century skills and methodologies such as "Design Thinking", "Growth Mindset" and "Teaching Character". We seek to leave installed capacity in educators and school leaders and generate projects with an impact on institutional transformation.


We work with organizations to strengthen and improve socio-emotional skills development strategies. We help organizations to bring their educational content to life virtually. In addition, through high impact and scalable interventions, based on character formation, we seek to leave installed capacity in organizations.


97a Street # 9-45, office 302

Strategic 97 Building

Bogota Colombia

Telephone: (571) 6954121



Teachers and managers

Support to organizations

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