Coschool has grown thanks to the partnerships we have established with friends and different actors who have believed in the transforming power of socio-emotional skills.

Thanks to AFSEC (Socio-Emotional Training in Colombia Partnership) and other partnerships we have managed to impact different communities and promote positive learning environments.

Join us! It is the moment for social-emotional education!


(...) Coschool has shown

to be an exceptional partner, highly committed to

the sustainability of the projects in the long term, willing to reinvent and innovate to reach more teachers and students in the country, open to experimentation

and to create new training programs(...)


Fundación Bancolombia

Lina María Montoya

I have known Coschool since its beginnings and deeply admire how, in just 6 years, the organization has become an example for innovation in education, even for the largest organizations in the country dedicated to the subject.


Fundación Luker

Marcela Restrepo


97a Street # 9-45, office 302

Strategic 97 Building

Bogota Colombia

Telephone: (571) 6954121



Teachers and managers

Support to organizations

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