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Support to Organizations

We work with organizations to help them strengthen and improve socio-emotional skills. We bring their educational content to life, virtually. In addition, through high impact and scalable interventions, based on character formation, we seek to leave installed capacity in organizations.

Content digitalization

We live in a world in which it is necessary to reach different actors in the educational sector with creativity and quality, and we know how to do it.

We create virtual courses based on your needs or adapt content that you use in person, to virtuality.

Social and Emotional Consultancy

We have the knowledge to strategically support organizations with their needs in socio-emotional education.


For example, what we did with the Ministry of Education with projects like SocioEmocional al 100.


How can we help you?


97a Street # 9-45, office 302

Strategic 97 Building

Bogota Colombia

Telephone: (571) 6954121



Teachers and managers

Support to organizations

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