We are a Colombian B Corporation

dedicated to finding the best methodologies to develop socio-emotional skills in young people, teachers, and managers.

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Our History

Despite the successes we have achieved, we still proudly remember our first steps.

In our first project in 2014, we put together a small training camp to help 60 students develop leadership skills. That was the beginning of a journey that has allowed us to reach 13 regions of the country, impact more than 200 educational institutions and train more than 23,000 people including young people, teachers, and school leaders.

Going from a small startup to a B Corporation in 6 years is a responsibility we take seriously. We plan to continue learning in a field we are passionate about because it connects to our mission to transform our society through social emotional education.



To design and carry out social emotional learning processes to promote the wellbeing of young people, educators and leaders in Latin America.


To create and promote a world where social and emotional development is a pillar for learning, individual and collective wellbeing, and the positive transformation of society.


Through innovative solutions and the use of technology, we develop new teaching and learning strategies and promote social transformation.


We articulate international interests with local needs to create projects that allow for people from different contexts and cultures to connect


We believe collaboration is the central to our projects and ways of working. We create strategic partnerships to work collectively with diverse communities to foster the development of positive learning environments


"In this process, I had the good fortune of getting to know myself on a deeper level and had the chance to bring contribute something valuable to my classmates and my community. Thank you, Rumbo Emprender, for this great experience."

Draidy Mejía,

10th Grade,

La Provincia School

"I would like to thank you for teaching me that no matter what, we shouldn't give up, that we should work hard for what we want and that failing is not that bad.”

Michel Moreno

10th Grade, La Provincia School


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